How To Do The Cha-Cha

images You may never use the cha-cha in your life, but for those that like to broaden their dance horizons the cha-cha is actually one of the most popular dances done.

Step 1: You will start with you feet in first position. This is where your heels are pressed together and your toes are turned out. Most of your weight should be on the foot that you are planning to pick up first for the direction you are going towards.

Step 2: You will then begin to step out to the right or left depending on which hand you typically use. Keeping the other foot still. When you are stepping out you should push your hip out too. After you make the initial step the other foot will just follow through the dance right behind the foot you stepped out in.

Step 3: The cha-cha usually rolls within a rhythm so typically you’ll do a three step pattern with your feet. You will then continue in this rhythm as you move along the dance floor. (your feet should just rock around the dance floor basically).

Now that you know what to do with your feet for the most part we will talk about your upper body.

Step 1: Your arms will begin by your side until the initial step we talked about. Then once you take that step you will immediately put your arms up on your partner with elbows up.

Step 2: While both of your elbow’s are up your posture must be on point. When doing your posture think tall. You will lift your chin and your upper body as much as you can.

Step 3: Your head should follow in the direction that your feet are going. Typically, you change this rapidly with the movements.

When you put the lower and upper body together you will have yourself the basic steps in order to do the cha-cha.

*If you have a dance and dance move request feel free to slide them in the comments for next time*


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8 thoughts on “How To Do The Cha-Cha

  1. haha that’s my move, my dad taught me that 😻


  2. The meme is perfect. Thank you for the instruction and a laugh!


  3. I have taking a dance class in middle school! It was one of our electives, and it was so much fun! I learned the walt, the cha-cha, jitterbug and I think a few others I have since forgotten. I like your posts because it reminds me how to do it!


  4. When I saw the cha cha I automatically thought Bruce Almighty and sure enough great minds think alike. Never been able to do the cha cha or any dance really but ill try it and see what happens .

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Cha-cha slide is a classic – although I just told my fiance I don’t want it to play at our wedding reception lol! I feel like we need to retire it from formal events


  6. The Cha-cha, a classic!


  7. The cha cha is so much fun!


  8. Now this one of my favorite dances. Lol


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