How to do Fouettes

Now, you’re probably thinking this is the most girly dance move to ever exist. Truth is, I think I have seen way more guys try to execute this being funny and actually enjoy this sequence of turns, even if they totally demolished them.

Let’s start with the basics. Before you begin to try this sequence of turns there are a couple of fundamentals you must know. The key to get around really relies on the position of your leg and your spot. I bet you’re thinking what the BLEEP is a spot, right? I don’t really know why it is called a spot but basically it is focusing on a point and keeping your head there until you can’t anymore while turning your body. Similar to a creepy owl, like below (surely you’re laughing by now).


Now that you learned the only two fundamentals you need to regularly remember let’s begin:

First, you are going to start in a fourth position (this is where depending on if you’re left or right handed it could change) your left foot is forward and your right foot is behind you, both turned out. Awkward right? Oh well, do it anyways. You’re going to make an “L” shape with your arms, and slightly bend your knees. Like super slightly. Please do not squat I can only imagine a very disturbing image. Make sure your weight is mainly on your front foot

Secondly, you will push off with your left foot, bringing your foot up off of the ground while raising your heel off the ground with the other foot (again this depends on if you’re left or right handed). While doing so, you will bring your arms in like you’re holding a beach ball.

arm Take a look while this adolescent demonstrates angrily for no reason.

Next, as you begin to turn around you will open your arms up to where they are both straight out of each side and you hit completely straight up on your heels with your leg straight out. Then they will continue to go in the “holding beach ball” position while you slightly squat bringing your leg in front of you.

You will do this until you are ready to end the sequence which then you will bring that open leg in to where your toe is touching your knee and your arms are stuck in that “beach ball” position. Landing back in the fourth position we talked about in the beginning.

Now you have successfully completed fouettes for beginners.


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4 thoughts on “How to do Fouettes

  1. Remember you don’t get credit for multiple posts the same day. See syllabus.


  2. This is interesting to know how to do this move and what it’s called. I always wanted to take dance

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  3. I always wanted to learn ballet as a little girl, and never had the opportunity. Maybe I should give it a go at nearly 30 😂

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  4. I never knew what move this was called.


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