How To Do a Kip Up

This week we are going to take a different turn and actually learn a cool dance move. This dance move is called the “Kip Up” or sometimes called a “Kick Up.” The basis of a good kip up are the use of your arms. Yes, there are other factors that help make the kip up a kip up, but without the initial push off from your arms it will not be successful.

Let’s start from the beginning:

  1. First, start in a standing position with your legs together and hands down by your side. IMG_9058[1]
  2. Next, in good congruency start to bend down, raising your hands above your head and keeping your chin lifted. IMG_9061[1]
  3. Once you begin to hit the ground with your bottom keep the momentum going and rock your body backwards, shifting the weight of your feet over your head with your hands now on the ground behind your head. IMG_9063[1]
  4. After reaching as far as you can with your feet, take a second to breath first and then kick both of your feet up AND over while pushing your hands off the ground as hard as you can. IMG_9066[1]
  5. Finally, bring your hands up and over back by your side and the momentum of your kick and push of the hands should have you landed in a squatted position on your feet. (Landing in a squatted position will be better on your knees but you can land straight up if desired.) IMG_9067[1]Now if you were to try this at home you would have the proper technique in order to keep your back and knees safe. However, if you do have really bad back or knee problems already I probably would not attempt this one. If this applies to you, tune in next week for tutorials for popular dance moves such as the “flossy.” If none of these are interesting to you drop a comment in the comment box on a dance move or dance you would like to know how to do! Until next time!


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8 thoughts on “How To Do a Kip Up

  1. I am always so impressed when people are able to do this! I just flop on the floor.


  2. I would probably find a way to break my neck


  3. This definitely looks like something I would struggle with big time. I can’t see myself execute this move, to be honest, but I would love to try. Also very impressive!! I always love to learn new things, with this one I would have to make sure I won’t get hurt before doing it haha.


  4. I am very tempted to try this but, unfortunately, I am out of shape. :(​


  5. My friends in dance always did this move, and it looks so cool! Thanks for breaking it down!


  6. Looking forward to the floss!


  7. This is so cool! You make me want to learn how to dance!


  8. Ok so I tried this and was able to do it and I have never been able to do it before so really good instructions and very well done breaking it down.


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