How to Train to do the Splits

Flexibility isn’t something that happens overnight. It is a skill that you acquire overtime with consistency in your practice. With that being said you cannot just whip out the splits, that is unless you want to pull a muscle or worse. I am here today, to give you basic tips on how to conquer your splits.

Static stretching: some may say this is awful for your muscles but I find it actually effective. There are several types of static stretching that can help you get your splits. To help with the turnout of your splits you can start by sitting on the ground with both your legs spread as far apart as you can (this determines how wide of a natural turnout you have). You will then proceed reach with both of your hands to each leg as far as you can and then lay as flat as you can in the middle while keeping your turnout. Like so,

stretching You can also do these exact stretches standing up and bending over holding for about 15 seconds each. Make sure you are breathing and reaching past your limits.

Wall stretching: There are many types of wall stretches that will help you with your splits but my personal favorite is doing the splits on the wall (I know you are learning to do the splits and you already want me to do the splits, not exactly). Doing the splits on the wall is actually quite easier than actually doing them on the ground. You can you the wall to push you and keep you safe from injuries. You will just need to start in a doorway. You will then pick up your dominant leg and put it on the doorway, then use the doorway to pull you as close as you can with your other foot that is still on the ground. Make sure the keep your back straight up and down. You will then do this by putting your back leg to the wall forcing you to the do the opposite split. This will force your upper body to go more downward but you will make your torso in the middle of the doorway. Make sure you are holding on tight. Hold each for about 20 seconds or more.

split The more flexible you become the closer to the doorframe you will get and the higher your upper body will be able to go.

These two types of stretches are the basic stretches that will get you to your goal of getting the splits. To improve your flexibility you will need to do these stretches three times through every single day. Remember that you will need to warm your muscles up by doing a slight jog or something as simple as jumping jacks to get your heart rate up.

Until next time!


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10 thoughts on “How to Train to do the Splits

  1. My flexibility needs A LOT of work


  2. I’ve always wanted to be flexible but I can never keep stretching consistently enough to make a difference. I always end up giving up but these are super helpful!


  3. I’ve always been pretty flexible. I used to be in ballet ever since I was 13, I miss it so much 😦


  4. barganieradventures November 26, 2018 — 4:46 pm

    I used to be so flexible from cheerleading in high school. I miss it! Stretching just makes your body feel better in general. I need to start stretching more!


  5. Great tips. I’d love to improve my flexibility, but I don’t have the patience nor the discipline to be consistent lol.


  6. I will always need help getting my middle splits!


  7. I’ve always been able to do the splits and I have no idea how!!


  8. I’m definitely going to start using these tips. I used to be very flexible back when I did yoga regularly


  9. When I was in cheer, the splits were the hardest thing to do. I think it took around 3 months to be able to do.


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